We are super happy to welcome Mateusz Krawiec back to our studio. This time with both a Kundalini workshop, followed by his extremely popular Gong Bath.

You can choose to participate in either one of the events, or make it a full day of yoga and sound by participating in both.Scroll down to “booking and pricing” for more info.

How to make friends with the mind.
How to begin and enrich your own practice.
How you can recognize your needs, meet them, and move beyond them. All with the help by practicing Kundalini Yoga.
This workshop is both about you getting to experience Kundalini Yoga, as well as getting some theory about and behind this method.
We will create a space which feels safe, both for beginners and experienced students.

An opportunity for us to just lay down and merge ourself in true nature harmonics.There will be deep, deep relaxation with Gong, Tibetan bowls overtones and healing vibrations.All this grounding sounds together will invite us for an inner journey.
Receiving Gong Bath is proven to have rejuvenating effects on the body and nervous system.Since it natural affects the brainwaves to shift, its a free ride to a state of meditation with no effort.
No skills required! You are ALL welcome to be healed by sound.

Mateusz Krawiec is a passionated yogi who has invested lots of different methods to transform human body and psyche.He fell for the kundalini discipline which he also has more then 500hour training in (along with rocket vinyasa and hatha yoga)
He shares his teachings at various studios in Stockholm with lots of inspiration in contact improvisation, dance and movement.

Sunday 3th of mars • 09.30- 11.30 Kundalini workshop • 12.00-14.45 Gong Bath

Our beautiful shala is located at kaggeholmsvägen 12 in Tallkrogen

300SEK Kundalini
300SEK Gong Bath
500SEK Both

NOTE: This is an event that need to be prepaid in order to guarantee your spot! Book yourself through this link in order to see there is still spots left:
And then swish 300sek for one workshop or 500SEK for both to 1233 955 390 and mark it with (super important) the workshop of your choice (to only book yourself using the link is not enough to guarantee your spot and we will cancel bookings which are not pre-paid).

The event is nonrefundable, your spot can however be given to someone else if you cant participate.

Feel free to email us at

Welcome to an inner journey and a full day of yoga and sound ❤️